About Me

I am a freelance Home Economist currently based in Paris, qualifying at the Totley Thornbridge college of Home Economics in Sheffield, England plus teacher training at King Alfred’s college, Winchester.

Work has been varied and interesting. I fondly remember my time with Family Circle magazine during my initial studies which, under the watchful eye of Pam Dotter, the then Food Editor, and fun loving Mitzie Wilson (recent editor of Delicious magazine), became and still remains my source of inspiration for recipe development and food writing.

My first full-time job was as manager of the Patisserie Section in the grand London store, Fortnum & Mason, gaining invaluable food retail management experience as well as involvement in their flamboyant catering activities.

After this I worked for the multi-national General Foods followed by Kraft Foods (which, incidentally, are now the same company) until deciding to undertake teacher training. This perfectly complimented my industrial Home Economics background and provided a wealth of opportunity wherever our expatriate years led us, teaching children as young as 4 years of age through to adults of quite unquestionable ages!

Since leaving the UK in 1993 I have lived in Scandinavia and Europe and currently live in Paris, France with my husband and 2 children where my time is divided between teaching, recipe development and testing, food writing and cookery demonstrations.